9 things you didn’t know about the psychology of love

There are special advantages to writing forbidden love romance – you learn secrets about the psychology of love. Here are a few gems I really wanted to share with you. And hey – plenty more where these came from. It takes less than 4 minutes to decide whether you’re into someone or not. In these […]

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My Religion is Simple My Religion is Kindness: Why I Believe that kindness is important (1 min read)

My religion is very simple my religion is kindness. This is the famous quote by “Dalai Lama”. Every religion encourage kindness. Kindness leads to many of the virtues to which we value and desire. For example all your words and actions define the world you want to live in.  When we focus on kindness, our world becomes kinder; we become kinder.

Why we should practice religion of kindness, Here are some points:

  1. Being kind feels good:
    Doing something for someone else really does make us feel good. Make someone smile and you’ll feel better for having done so.
  1. God like kindness:
    Whether we are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Buddhist, kindness is an important part of all religions.
  1. Kindness broadens our perspective:
    In order to be kind, we have to pay attention to what is happening around us.  As we notice more things and help others, we get a glimpse of other ways of looking at things.  A broader perspective helps us to keep things in context.
  2. Kindness softens our heart:
    When we look for kind deeds, beauty, and the opportunity for kindness, we’ll find that we are more compassionate and more tolerant.  As we practice empathy, it opens our heart to other humans and animals.
  3. Kindness brightens our world:
    When we are kind to people and animals, it makes them happy.  The more people who experience kindness from us, the more happy they will be in our lives.  When those around us are happier, our world becomes a brighter, lighter place to live.
  1. Kindness helps others feel respected:
    By recognizing someone’s need for help and acting on it in a compassionate manner, it makes the recipient feel valued.  It also makes the giver feel better about themselves and more connected.
  2. Kindness bears wonderful fruit:
    Kindness begets kindness, openness, health and reduces the effects of stress on our bodies and our hearts.   In many ways, kindness is like Liquid Plumber for the soul: it opens us up, clears out the dross, and dwells lightly in our hearts.
  3. Kindness begets kindness:
    When you are kind to others, the impact of your action doesn’t stop there.  Many times the recipient of your kindness and others who see or hear about your kindness are inspired to be kinder.  The ripples of kindness are truly endless.

If you expect love from others, show it first to your self. (1 min read)

Hi friends, Today I was thinking there are so many people in our society who wants to be loved , and expect love from other but they forgot to love themselves first. Sometimes learning to love yourself is like learning a new language. If you don’t know where to start, practice following things in your life.

  1. Give Respect Yourself:
    Self respect is a essential element for living a positive life. The more you respect yourself, the more you are able to love yourself. One of the best way to respect yourself is never sell yourself less than you deserve. And we all deserves the very best in our life.

Another way to respect your self is never ever compare yourself with others. The more you compare your life to  someone’s else, the more difficult is become to cultivate self respect.

  1. Forgive Yourself And Others:
    Sometimes it’s really hard to forgive yourself and letting go the past. But for a new start you must let go of who you were then , mistakes you’ve made. The best way to forgive yourself is to accept past mistakes, failures and past situations because you can’t change what’s done all you can do is accept it learn from it and move on.

Forgive others is also very hard thing to do especially those who have hurt you and sin against you. But caring around that pain and anger only make it more difficult. No matter what wrong has been committed against you, forgiving is always better than clinging to the pain.

  1. Be Who You Really Are:
    In order to love yourself you have to know what you really want in life and what matters to you. When you know who you are and what you know you will able to focus on things and people who encourage you and accept you as you are.

4: Accept yourself physically (accept your body):
Making yourself feel good physically is one of the ultimate ways to respect yourself. The more kindness you show yourself physically, the more internal love you’ll feel. Your body is the vessel transporting you around this world and it’s up to you to respect it.

5: Be Kind To Others:
In order to spend a happy life kindness is unbelievably important. When you show kindness towards others, it not only make others feel happiness and love but it also helps you to develop inner satisfaction and peace.


You are what you believe you are

That’s right, 90% of our actions , reactions and our behaviors are controlled by our subconscious mind. you can’t control your subconscious mind but you can control your believe to change negative beliefs in to positive beliefs. Believe in your self nothing is impossible. Everything is possible if you think it is possible. Control your life by controlling your beliefs.